AtmosRAW Vaporizer (updated)

There are countless rave reviews for all kinds of vaporizers, but if there is one thing that most people wish that their vaporizers could do, it would have to be travel easily with them. After all, who wants to deal with lugging their clunky vaporizer with them on vacation or packing it up on a long move far away from a former home? That is where the Atmos Raw Vaporizer comes in.

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Described as ultra-slim and almost immediate to heat, the Atmos Raw Vaporizer can heat up in just seconds, using just a USB port or an AC outlet to charge itself. Once fully charged, it can last you several days with its long lasting battery. According to the manufacturer, the package comes with the lithium-ion battery, a ceramic heating chamber, a chamber connection piece, a ceramic filter, a stainless steel mesh fitter, a spring, a rubber mouthpiece, a cleaning brush tool, a packing tool, a wall adapter, a USB cable charger, four bonus screens, a 2.5 inch acrylic grinder and the user instruction manual.

It is important to note that using the Atmos Raw Vaporizer requires a bit of additional care due to its tiny, portable size. In particular, it is very important not to overpack your herbs too tightly. Doing this will cause the Atmos Raw Vaporizer to overheat consistently until it combusts, unless you can remove the battery quickly enough. By being careful with the amount of herbs you place inside of it, you can avoid this problem and resume your easy and convenient vaporizing activities on the go. Also, the rubber button on the Atmos Raw needs to be handled with care if you have long nails.

There are also three other solutions if your Atmos Raw Vaporizer unit is burning rather than vaporizing. First, using a glass screen with five smaller holes fit over the heating element is one way to prevent the burning. Second, a four-pronged glass jack can help separate some space in order to permit the herb's circulation. Finally, removing the spring from the unit can help if you prefer to pack in the herbs tightly.

After following these steps, it is still possible to burn the unit, but only if you are pressing the button for far too long; merely be conservative about pressing the button at a time once you have completed these steps.

The extra care aside, the Atmos Raw Vaporizer is definitely one to pick up for those suffering from conditions and who do not want to deal with traveling with a clunky, oversized device.



Does Atmos Raw vape or combust?

When the Atmos Raw first came out certain companies who did not stuck it put out videos on Youtube claiming this product was not a vapourizer, because it combusts herb and does not vaporize it. So I purchased an Atmos Vape to do my own review. This product vapes absolutely superbly, but it also combusts, depending on how you want to use it, to Vape hold and press the button down for 2 seconds, to combust, hold it down for 5 seconds. The Vapor is incredibly strong but incredibly discreet, fragrant and smooth. This is an awesome discreet ecig type product for discreet vaping and it feels great in your hand. The only downside is the button cover is prone to coming off if you snag it with your nails, so just be careful when pressing the button. Apart from that it has been very easy to maintain.

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